Cum & Piss 38 / GGG Devot 038 (21530)

Director / Direktor: John Thompson

Cum & Piss 038 / GGG Devot No. 038 (21530)Cum & piss queen Viktoria shows the little Mini, how to obediently swallow piss and sperm. And lo and behold, Mini obeys and also finds it fun.

In the second half we experience Cony & Manu. Two completely different girls with an incredible amount of piss.

Running Time: 88 minutes.

Starring: Viktoria Goo, Mini Hotcore, Cony, Manu

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Zara The Sperm Model / Zara! Das Sperma- Model (25487)

Director / Direktor: John Thompson

Zara The Sperm Model / Zara! Das Sperma- Model (25487)Oh man where did Thompson dig out this talent! The guys can’t believe their eyes. This Caribbean top model used to be a dancer before landing at the producer’s feet. No sooner was the license issued for spraying, the beauty was completely clogged up with the white men’s juices.. And she swallows, and swallows and swallows! PRODUCERS RECOMMENDATION!

Running Time: 69 minutes.

Starring: Zara, Manu

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