Cum & Piss 48 / GGG Devot 048 (21540)

Director / Direktor: John Thompson

Cum & Piss 048 / GGG Devot No. 048 (21540)Lana is an incredibly beautiful and natural girl that comes along like a Catholic Virgin then gets freaky horny when the camera is running… you can see that confirmed once again, still waters run deep. Lana you’re insane and have already 1.4 million fans. Producer recommendation extreme!

Running Time: 69 minutes.

Starring: Lana

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Viktoria’s Sperm Cake / Viktorias Sperma-Kuchen (25513)

Director / Direktor: John Thompson

Viktoria's Sperm Cake / Viktorias Sperma-Kuchen (25513)Superstar Viktoria loves sperm and fruit cake. What does she do? That’s right, she takes a load of his sperm cake and shoves it down her mouth. Of course while Victoria pushes that down her throat the guys plant another sperm fruit cake in her ass, so she licks it out with her tongue while it’s leaking out. Terrific!

In the second part, 18 year old Lana is introduced by Viktoria to the art of cum swallowing. JOHN THOMPSON: amazing, two pretty women who give their best with such pleasure and delight. Producer‘s recommendation!!

Running Time: 70 minutes.

Starring: Viktoria, Lana

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